"Roda de Samba " is a captivating Brazilian musical and cultural expression rooted in the rhythmic traditions of African music. Originating from the legacy of slaves who arrived in Brazil in the early 18th century, this lively tradition began to flourish in the backyards of residences around 1910. It typically brings together a diverse and enthusiastic gathering of people who sing and dance in harmony around a central table where talented musicians create an infectious atmosphere.

Initially, "Roda de Samba" was an intimate gathering held by active musicians to celebrate their African heritage. It evolved into a vibrant platform for the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and creative synergy. Over time, it expanded beyond private backyards and eventually culminated in the formation of groups and samba schools in the 1930s and 1940s.

The mid-1960s and 1970s witnessed a resurgence of  "Roda de Samba" in the tradition of backyard gatherings. Then, in the 1980s, a new generation of talented composers nurtured in this environment, including luminaries such as João Nogueira, Nei Lopes, D. Ivone Lara, Wilson Moreira, Martinho da Vila, Almira Guineto, Jorge Aragao, and Zeca Pagodinho, catapulted samba to new heights of popularity.

Samba underwent a renaissance with the modern "Roda de Samba" format, transcending its original settings. What was once hidden in the backyards, sometimes under the guise of religious celebrations, found its voice resonating across the suburbs, hills, and ultimately, around the world.

Actress and singer Vivian Godoy, a resident of the Netherlands, has been a fervent advocate of "Roda de Samba" worldwide since the 1990s. Her enchanting performances have graced stages in Indonesia, Austria, Greece, Germany, Russia, Spain, Belgium, France, and during her last visit to Brazil in 2014, she had the privilege of singing alongside the renowned singer Teresa Cristina at the celebrated 'Roda de Samba' event, 'Samba do Trabalhador,' hosted by the legendary composer/singer Moacyr Luz in Rio de Janeiro.

Viviani's "Roda de Samba" repertoire is an enchanting blend of sambas by eminent composers such as Paulo Cesar Pinheiro, Toninho Geraes, Moacyr Luz, Cartola, Zeca Pagodinho, and many other luminaries of the samba genre.

In the Netherlands, Viviani's "Roda de Samba" has graced renowned events, including the Breda Jazz Festival, Midden in de Maas Festival, and Wereld Delshaven in Rotterdam. Additionally, her magnetic performances have captivated audiences at Munganga's Theater in Amsterdam, Venue and Parnassos Cultuurcentrum in Utrecht (By Brasil - 030), Doelenplein Jazz Festival in Delft, Kings Day 2019 at Podium Boomtheater in Amsterdam Oost, The Pllek in Amsterdam Noord, and The Bimhuis, along with countless other festivals and events.

Come join us in celebrating the vivacious world of "Roda de Samba" and experience the rhythm, energy, and cultural richness of Brazil!