Viviani Godoy woordkunstenaar

Meet Viviani Godoy, a versatile artist with a rich history of performances across the globe. With a diverse background in singing and acting, she has graced stages in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Cyprus, Indonesia, Spain, Croatia, Austria, Russia, Israel, and the USA, including an unforgettable show at New York City's Beacon Theater.



Viviani's journey began in Brazil, where she made her mark in television soap operas and theatre plays, notably starring in the iconic musical "Hair," as well as the comedies "Como Monitorar um Homem" and "Cio da Lua Cheia." She also lent her voice to various significant projects and enjoyed an extended run at Rio de Janeiro's renowned "Asa Branca," performing alongside the beloved Brazilian singer Wando.



In Barcelona, she demonstrated her acting prowess in theater productions such as "Neblinas de Ayer" by Cuban writer Leonardo Padura, "El Trato" by Colombian writer Carlos Molano, and "O Céu Cinco Minutos Antes da Tempestade" by Brazilian writer Silvia Gomes. Her stage presence extended to notable venues like Jamboree Jazz Podium, Circol Malda Theater, Centre Civic Vallvidrera Vázquez Montalbán, and Flux Festival at Art Center Santa Monica.



Viviani's talents transcended borders, and in Holland, she played a pivotal role in Edy Terstall's feature film "Transit." She even composed and sang the jingle for the NH hotel chain, a prime-time hit on NPO television for six months. Collaborating with popular singer Herman Brood, she recorded a dance floor anthem produced by Marcus B in 1996. Her extensive repertoire includes starring in a TV commercial for Socutera about organ donation, produced by Majoor Beishuizen in Utrecht and directed by Sytske Kok. She graced eminent Dutch stages, including Paradiso, Melkweg, Bimhuis, Grounds, and headlining at illustrious festivals like North Sea Jazz, Lowlands, Roots, Festival Mundial, Pole Pole, and an event organized by Sybe van der Ploeg, of the Dutch band "De Kast." Viviani's magnetic presence also lit up television screens in Holland (Barend & Van Dorp RTL4, Rayman is Laat NTR, MTV), Belgium (TV1's "De Laatste Show"), and Indonesia (RCTI Jakarta). She even had the privilege of performing and recording with the celebrated Belgian DJ Buscemi.

As the lead singer of Electro Côco's band, she released the critically acclaimed album "Côco do Mundo," praised for its high-quality dance floor tracks with an organic heart. Electro Côco took part in renowned festivals in Holland and Belgium, captivating audiences of over 8,000 people. The band earned an Essent Award, followed by an Edison Award in the category of "Best World Music National" for their debut CD.


Presently Viviani is working in a monologue called

"The woman who loved too much"  written by

Beatriz Bergamín and directed by Titus

Tiel Groenestege.